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Federal Secured Income Fund is a conservative investment that pays a good income.

Our company selects uniquely sized opportunities that are overlooked by large institutions, but appropriate for exclusive investment pools. The Fund specializes in limited offerings of investments backed by actual assets that earn good income.

The fund invests in limited offerings of conservative income earning assets and government obligations. Currently, we are acquiring tanker rail cars with heating and refrigerating units designed to haul non-hazardous liquid products. For over 80 years, our railcar management company has been purchasing, refurbashing, maintaining, and leasing these rail cars.

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How much does this investment earn?
Notes earn 7%, paid 30 days after each quarter beginning 60 days from initial investment (or additional investments) The current 60-day delay is due to the nature of our opportunities and the assets involved. They may require 30-90 days to configure or certify before they are ready to earn.

May I have this investment as an IRA?
IRA’s and other qualified investments may be accepted. Qualified plans are managed by a qualified, 3rd party custodian. Fees will apply. Please discuss this with your financial advisor.

How will I be taxed on this investment?

This is an income investment which means any income that is received from the fund or reinvested is taxable. You will receive a 1099 at the end of the year. Qualified plans may be taxed differently. Please check with your tax-advisor to plan accordingly. 


How much can I invest?
There is a limited offering. You will need to check with your advisor for actual availability.

Are there any fees to invest?
There is no fee to invest in the fund. If you have an IRA managed by the designated 3rd party custodian, you will pay your IRA management fees (updated fee schedule available upon request). 

Are there fees to get out of this investment?
If you wish to redeem part, or all of your investment, your redemption may be subject to repurchasing charges. 

Starting with the second year of your investment, you would be charged a 9% fee that drops 1% every year until it reached 0% in the tenth year. Redemption is not available in the first year. There may be a waiting period for disbursement.